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The I Hate Donald Trump Hat

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Obviously, with his lack of accomplishments vs his huge amount of losses, combined with his racism, his misogyny, his countless lies and his desire to turn the US government into a white supremacist autocratic dictatorship—-these are only a few reasons why Donald Trump is the worst president ever.

I am happy and overjoyed that I personally designed and painted this hat, to share this beautiful sentiment printed with all those who will wear it proudly on top of their beautiful head.

Let’s show our support this time around with the upcoming 2024 election by letting the world know, RACIST DONALD TRUMP is NOT getting a second chance to sit in the White House or ever again!

This hat fits all sizes. It will be shipped within 2 to 3 weeks after ordering.

*I will do a special ORIGINAL hand painted hat. This is your chance for a REAL a true one of a kind painted piece. The price is $500. This special order should be submitted by email.

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