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Damage N' Destruction!

  I doesn't matter if you're a drummer or not. As long as you like the drums, wanna dance to the drums and wanna hear some GREAT drumming....THIS IS FOR YOU!

   I will play some seriously rad stuff on the drums, timbales and congas and then I'll illustrate what I did-slowly, so anyone can learn!  I will break down each percussion instrument, so you can fully understand the drum. This drum clinic is interactive. I take questions and do on the spot musical examples of what to play and when to play it.

 You will hear and see myself playing different styles of music n explain the origin of the beats.

 Everyone will enjoy as I directly share, how to make a living being a musician.

so you can make a living NOT just dream of making a living...BUT REALLY DOING IT!!!

   It's an honor and a pleasure to talk and share the love of music to a room full of - eager to learn musicians of all ages, races and nationalities. 


Drum Clinic Topics!

Keeping great time.

Developing a beat.

Playing with a bass player.

Playing with a band.


Double bass drumming.

How to obtain power.

Playing power vs overpowering.

How to keep time and understanding it

Playing polyrhythms.

Understanding polyrhythms.

Tuning the drums, snares, bass drum and toms

Hand techniques.

How to play the congas.

Showing timbale patterns.

Having a GREAT personality.


Call for pricing and booking information.


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