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I come with either my drumset or hand percussion (Djembe, Timbales, Congas, etc) and I play to the DJ's set list.  I'm on the dance floor and the stage with the people with my drums AND WE ARE DANCING ALL NIGHT.  Whether it's Salsa, Hip Hop or Dance music, I totally jam out and I will improvise beats on top of the music.  As audience feels the power of the drums, the dancer will be by my side and together we become "one!"  She dances while

I play. Our energies create a show that you not just will see, but you will also feel.

Price varies depending if playing local, national or international. Please call for pricing.

*All shows require 50% deposit.  Balance is due within 14 days before event OR at event before performance.


One man. One Drum.

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