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TheChazMan is an American artist who is multi-talented, equally successful in the music and art industries. A singer, drummer and percussionist.  He writes his own music and plays all drum parts, vocals and some bass parts.  He is an artist and photographer and is known for his fine details in his art.  He is known as a bodypaint artist and has bodypainted Khloe Kardashian.

In 2005 at the NAMM show Chaz won “The Worlds Fastest Drummer.” A high profile competition in which it opened many doors for him with endorsements, being magazines such as Modern Drummer and Drum! He appeared on my TV shows around the world from this competition. As a solo recording artist, he has independently recorded 3 CD’s; Burning Rage, Dominate and Exotic. . Songs from Exotic were on the radio, which opened doors for him to perform in larger venues and sell CDs. It opened many opportunities for him to perform in larger venues.

His music is beat driven with powerful drumming with great musical influential styles of; rock, funk, latin, techno, reggage and hip-hop. The drumming shows what Chaz can do on the drums. Syncopated beats, double bass, fast chops and impeccable timing with a heavy influence of polyrhythms. The songs are to make yo dance to his funk/rock influenced drumming. You hear a conviction in his voice that makes the listener to appreciate his lyric writing and singing ability. When you listen to the songs, “Waiting For the Cake to Bake and Keep Me Buried for example, you will hear the influences of Rock, Hip Hop and Latin styles as driving forces in his original style.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA and he is the oldest out of 4. He started the affair with music at a young age for fun and then as a teenager his music and art was his own passionate expression to escape the oppression from being held captive in a controlled home environment and to stay safe from the bad influences of the ghetto.

TheChazMan attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and to refine and polish his art and photography skills. This is where he also started to make and join bands and created his own powerful image and sound. Once he graduated from the AIP, he went on to again polish his skills and attended The Berklee College of Music. While Berklee was an amazing experience, back in Pittsburgh a new band was forming and he joined the band along with then girlfriend, singer/songwriter Kelly Burgos and they called themselves, “Divercity.” The band ultimately along with Kelly Burgos kicked Chaz out-due to his ability to “outshine everyone else in the band” with his unconventional style.

He re-focused himself again teaching himself to sing (he never was a singer before the band) and made a choice to record his own music and now came from behind the drums to become a front man. After struggling in Pittsburgh as a musician and artist it was time to pack up and move to Los Angeles.

Once in Los Angeles he immediately got work playing music primarily live events that his agents would send him out on and then he found his, “Holy Grail,” the NAMM show in which it lead him to major auditions, better paying gigs and learning to market and promote himself.
For years he would crash celebrity parties, go to events to network in lieu of promoting his music to get work and possibility of getting a record contract. After years of having an “up and down income”, and truly hitting rock bottom with a choice to move back home with his Mother and give up the passionate dream, he thought to give it one last try and build a website combining his music and art to establish a way to obtain a solid career in the entertainment industry while being his own boss.

Chaz is passionate about music and loves to share what he has learned. Currently he now does drum clinics at colleges and schools in which he breaks down beats, gives examples of how to become a better musician and sh
ares a wealth of knowledge to help everyone attending to make better career and personal choices in their own personal lives.