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Calendar 2020 Angels and Demons.

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This 14 month calendar goes from November 2020 and you smiling and licking your lips into the very last day of December 2021.

I've also included bonus "photos." That are only in the calendar!

This is my first calendar and I'm glad to share photos, I've taken of girls that have a look that interesting look or she has an energy and a relationship to the camera that is undeniable and just capture that energy in a creative, but passionate way.

She must look feminine with natural curves, smooth skin, long hair, NO large tattoos. She has a look that is appetizing to the eye and the soul. As a photographer, my goal is to focus on her and allow her to move freely as she chooses and I just stay behind the camera to capture her moves, her mannerisms and capture those small things that she does, that will make her be a powerful image in the photos. With every girl I photograph, I secretly find the right mood that makes her most comfortable and I take advantage of it by keeping her in that state of mind. When she's comfortable, ALL fears and self doubt go out the window. When she's comfortable, she's free and I will get the best out of her.

This calendar is HOT! Nothing "Butt" sexy gals in sexy poses that boys like. This calendar is for ALL men who like women!

*For the protection of my art, all photos are "watermarked" with Chaztography on them. When you buy the calendar, the watermark will not be on any of the photos.

By the way, I'm always looking for models to be in my 2022 calendar. Apply within and lets make some magical moments and magical times together.

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